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ระเบิดศึก ทัวร์นาเมนต์ E-League 2021 ประชันฝีมือเกมเมอร์ระดับอาชีพจาก 10 ทีมดัง ชิงเงินรางวัล 3 ล้านบาท!
29 Jan 2021
Plan B Officially Launched "Magnetic" A New Platform to Measure Effectiveness of Out-Of-Home Media
22 Sep 2020
Plan B Revolutionizes E-Sports Business to Become "E-League Thailand" More Fun Expected from Series of Game Tournaments and Diversified Content
13 Aug 2020
Plan B Piloting Smart Bus Shelter Project With the First Smart Bus Shelter In Front of Central Grand Rama 9 Where People Can Check, Charge And Share For Free
03 Aug 2020
A Big Surprise for Thai Fans with Media Celebrating Liverpool's The championship for the 19th Premier League after 30 years on BASE 360° Digital Screen At the Heart of Bangkok
23 Jul 2020
Plan B together with partners donated "smile bag project" 30,000 survival bags to communities during COVID-19 situation to get through these difficult times
19 Jun 2020
PLANB teams up with GMM Grammy, Atime Media and Good Things Happen surprise the media industry, create the first Multi-Platform concert in Thailand "Chang Music Connection" Presents "Good Morning Bangkok"
18 Jun 2020
PLANB receives the Smart Bus Shelter right from Bangkok, emphasizing being the most comprehensive Out of Home media network in the region, ready to expanding content towards Multi-Channel Marketing
24 Apr 2020
BNK48 Office has officially changed their name to Independent Artists Management or "i AM", focusing on 3 main businesses to develop and manage a full-services of artists, singers and influencers
06 Nov 2019
PLANB invested in MACO with the value of 1,553 million baht, representing 19.96%, for the right to manage all of the out-of-home advertising media in Thailand
30 Oct 2019
The World's top Asset Management firms had invested for a 2.9% stake in Plan B
18 Oct 2019
PLANB corporates with CPALL in creating and managing advertising media at the point of sale in 7-Eleven, with a budget of over 3,000 million baht. Targeting 5,000 branches nationwide.
18 Sep 2019