Plan B announces 38% core revenue growth to record high THB 805 million in 1Q18. Despite a decline of -7% in overall advertising media industry, Confident of reaching THB 3,500 million of revenue in 2018 thanks to launch of Central World Connect project which features the world's largest interactive DOOH under an investment of THB 400 million

BackMay 15, 2019

Pinijsorn Luechaikajohnpan ,Ph.D., Managing Director of Plan B Media Public Company Limited, reported 1Q17 revenue of THB 804.5 million, a 16% increase from the same period of the previous year. The revenue increase was driven from higher utilization rate from 60.5% to 68.1% in the same period of the previous year. The growth came from all media platforms especially static media which robust growth 12% from Thai economic resumed its growth, which is considered by diversified Out-of-Home business portfolio, enables Plan B to tap into higher advertising budgets of its customers, while overall advertising media spend declined 7% in 1Q18.

Moreover, Plan B attained cost saving especially SG&A cost to drop 1% from the same period of the previous year. As an economic of scale and expense reduction from redundant work materialize from the subsidiaries that the Company acquired during the past 3 years. Even though the Company had an additional THB 372 million in CAPEX during 2017, The depreciation cost dropped -2.7% The decrease in depreciation was from digital displays have a depreciation period of 5 years and were fully depreciated and still working properly with no additional investment for replacement.

Although, the effect of low demand during the first quarter of low season in the advertising media industry but the Company recorded a net profit of THB 139.1 million growing significantly 38% from the same period of the previous year or a 57% growth from the year end of 2017. The growth of net profit came from the growth of revenue as well as the success in cost control

For 2018, the management is confident that Plan B continue to experience an overall growth to reaching a 15-20% growth target or the level of THB 3,500 million for revenue as plan as we expected from continuous expansion especially in organic growth by the expansion of media capacity which robust 10-15% growth rate or the level of THB 4,700 million per year (Not including from M&A expansion)

Moreover, In July 2018, The Company preparing to launch of Central World Connect project which feature the world’s largest interactive DOOH displays and the first one in Asia. Measuring 4,000 meters  under an investment of over THB 400 million with a show intended to  make Bangkok look like the Time Square in southeast Asia as Bangkok as the world’s  number one tourist destination . The show of Central World Connect project was designed by “Moment Factory” which leader company in terms of interactive and the show will star in every 1 pm. In everyday to reach a global brands which has a power of purchase to boost-up media capacity total of THB 200 million per year  

For the Investment updates in Bangkok Metro Networks Co., Ltd. (“BMN”), which got the exclusive right from BEM to manage the commercial rights for the MRT Blue line and expansion line. With the collaboration with BMN will boost-up the utilization rate and media capacity rate at 64% from 59% compare to the same period of the previous year. In near future, Plan B and BMN are developing another type of media advertising on MRT Blue line extension In phase 1 : Wat Mangkon-Lak Song and phase 2 : Tao Poon- Tha Phra to expand network from route extension (from 20 to 38 stations) and increasing the distance to transit (from 18 to 47 kilometres). The extension line will complete in end of 2020 and the expansion of the network will significantly increase revenue media capacity of total  THB 1,200-1,500  million per year.