PLANB receives the Smart Bus Shelter right from Bangkok, emphasizing being the most comprehensive Out of Home media network in the region, ready to expanding content towards Multi-Channel Marketing

BackApr 24, 2020

PLANB won the auction of smart bus shelter from the Traffic and Transportation Department of Bangkok, the rights of the maintenance of 691 passenger stations and 1,170 PR billboards with an investment budget of not more than 400 million baht.

Mr. Palin Lojanagosin, Chief Executive Officer of Plan B Media Public Company Limited, revealed that the board of director approved the signing an official agreement with the Traffic and Transportation Department of Bangkok for the Rights of maintenance passenger stations and 1,170 PR billboards, including investing in pavilions renovation according to the smart city concept by using technology to improve the quality of life for millions of people consisting of;

  1. Install Wi-Fi wireless network to facilitate passengers who sitting and waiting
  2. Pavilions renovation with a display screen showing real-time information about bus locations and bus arrivals
  3. Increase security with CCTV as part of corporate social responsibility and community

Over the past 15 years, the Company has a vision for continuously developing Out of Home media network responding to changes in consumer lifestyles, by focusing on expanding comprehensive channels to coverage everyday life. From this project, PLANB will have stronger media network in Bangkok and increase the opportunity to generate income by at least 300 million baht per year for 10 contract years.

The Company believes that the advertising industry in Thailand will continue to grow after the COVID-19 pandemic. In the future, there will be more harmonious balance between the proportion of the 3 major media, TV, online and Out of Home advertising media, since TV advertisement is still the largest advertising spending as it accounts for over 50%. Currently, PLANB has the strongest Out of Home media network nationwide.

To grow continually, the Company considers that future marketing needs to create interesting content through engagement marketing expansion including Sport, Artist Management and Game Online as well as connect the product owner to the target audience through both online and offline channels including the full range of Out of Home media of the Company. In this year, besides the Smart Bus Shelter project, we will speed up the installation plan in another 1,500 7-Eleven convenience stores in order to reaching higher consumers at the point of sale. Moreover, we also joint development with Telco company for the audience measurement to increase media value, conduct in-depth research from Cellular Data to measuring the accessibility of media and developing the analysis systems to connect a consumer behaviour data between Online and Offline (O2O).

Although the Covid-19 outbreak will affect content businesses in the short term by causing the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Thai League and National Football tournament and BNK48 Senbatsu General Election, the Company also gained confidence from partners by continuously supporting and focus on managing marketing rights for maximum benefit, such as 1) building the trend of the Olympics and longer content development up to 2021 and continue next content with the 2022 Asian Games to continuously support athletics 2) Adjust the schedule of the Thai League tournament to match the European competition season in order to avoid the competition in the rainy season to increase quality of competition and the number of viewers 3) Accelerate the creation of brand experiences through new Content Partner, such as The Ska and IKON, Korean idols under YG Entertainment in order to reaching customers with a wider target audience. In the past week, Artist Management business has held the BNK48 General Election 2020 and have received very positive feedback from the cohesiveness and love of the fan club through a vote of over 170 million baht with concurrent view of live streaming over 200,000 views.

For E-sport businesses and online games, The Company has expanded the E-league competition, which recruit players from all over the country and further expanding the Thai E-League Pro through PES2020 game. Moreover, we are collaboration with leading game companies, Konami, launching a new game "Samkok Moe". They are over 2 hundred thousand downloaded and generating over 4 million baht revenues for their 4 weeks period.

Although the outbreak of COVID-19 will inevitably affect the global economy and the overall advertising industry, the Company has an unwavering commitment to enhancing its selective investment continuously to ensure that the Company attains its growth in the long run and has reformulated its human capital development strategies to develop service standards for partners. With a strong financial position, the Company promote internal readiness of the organization under conditions of uncertainty as confident the organization to bounce back stronger than before once the crisis is over.