PLANB corporates with CPALL in creating and managing advertising media at the point of sale in 7-Eleven, with a budget of over 3,000 million baht. Targeting 5,000 branches nationwide.

BackSep 18, 2019

"PLANB corporates with CPALL in creating and managing advertising media at points of sale in 7-Eleven convenience store. The installation target is at least 5,000 branches nationwide with investments of over 3,000 million baht, which will gradually install the first 2,000 branches in Bangkok and major cities by the end of 2020, represents the media capacity of 1,200 million baht per year or more than 20% of the PLANB’s current media capacity"

Mr. Palin Lojanagosin, Chief Executive Officer of Plan B Media Public Company Limited (PLANB), revealed that the Company's board has approved to sign with CP All Public Company Limited (CPALL), a 7-Eleven convenience store operator in order to manage the advertising media at the point of sale in the 7-Eleven store. In the first phase, the installation target is at least 2,000 branches nationwide by 2020 and expand to 5,000 branches by 2021.

PLANB plans to install a digital screen in 3 areas within the 7-Eleven store, including 1. Above the beverage freezer 2. Above the food freezer, ready-to-eat food and dairy products and 3. Above the shelf of other displayed products such as food and beverages, snacks, personal care products and consumer goods, etc. All 3 areas are considered as the important points that customers can see the advertising media clearly. For the installation plan of the first 2,000 branches in 2020, the Company will select from the branches that have the top number of users per day and average transaction value per bill in order to reach the target group with a high purchasing power of 6 million people.

However, PLANB will select an advertising technology at the point of sale that can display different types of advertising content in each branch and can change during the period of time of day in order to be able to select advertising media in accordance with consumer behavior and brand owners demand. In addition, this mobile-friendly technology allows customers not only to make payments but also to receive accumulating points and redeem discount coupons through QR code scanner. With the innovative advertising media offered by PLANB, 7-Eleven can effectively communicate product information to selected target audiences, while audiences can also benefit from access to information and promotions in order to make purchase decisions to buy products that match their special needs. Brand owners can also spend more effectively in advertising media at point of sale with modern marketing tools to stimulate consumer interest and help increase sales.

CPALL, a 7-Eleven convenience store operator with over 12,000 branches throughout Thailand. There are more than 15 million customers with more than 50 million transactions per day. In the future, 7-eleven plans to develop and expand various types of services and meet customers' needs in order to be in accordance with the change of people's lives by adding several categories of essential service, such as bill payment, cash withdrawal, insurance sale and parcel delivery service. As a result, advertising media within 7-eleven will have higher value added as a greater number of users increases.

This investment is an opportunity for PLANB to utilize its potential and expertise as a leader in Out-of-Home media provider. The corroboration with CPALL, a leader in convenience store operators, will bring an innovation in Out-of-Home advertising media as well as creating a customer experience. The purpose is to make 7-Eleven as an innovation convenience store with modern communication channels through effective advertising media at the point of sale and easier access to insights into consumer spending patterns.

Examples of advertising media in 7-eleven are important positions that customers can see advertising media more clearly and attracting the attention of all branches.