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Providing diversified and innovative communication channels that enhance audiences' experience and engagement
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The Company's value represents belief for cooperation among individual and presents the true DNA that is the core of business operation

Company's History
YEAR 2021

The Company is committed to its mission and vision in developing content coverage to extending service footprint through active searches for business partners to help expand its out-of-home media network and build on existing capabilities for the future. The objective is to address the diverse needs of consumers today to support demand for media in the future. The Company’s key milestones in 2020 are outlined below.

  1. Delivery of Cookies at smart bus shelters

    PLANB has completed its installation of 1,170 Cookies signboards at Smart Bus Shelters as planned and delivered to the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

  2. The debut of VYRA girl idol group with a fresh change

    LYRA, a Thai girl group, recently changed the name to "VYRA", with five members joining as a special unit of BNK 48 and Universal Music Thailand and launched a new single "Ta-Ton-Yon…Hurry Up!" available on YouTube.

  3. "Pouring Heart for Forest Fire Fighting" Project

    The wildfire situation in Thailand caused damage to forests and wildlife and the health of the people who were continuously affected by the intensifying smog crisis. PLANB offered media platforms and advertising spaces to the website to be one of the channels for public relations so that interested people can help donate to fund fire-fighting equipment purchases for forest rangers across Thailand. This will help wild animals and send moral support to forest rangers in conserving natural resources and the environment for Thai people and Thailand.

  4. "Adopt A Granny" Project

    PLANB provided advertising media platforms and spaces to promote a campaign that cares for over 500 elderly people who are poor and abandoned in Chiangmai and Lampang through monetary support on nutritious meals, proper clothing for the weather and household medicine.


Introduction of new experience through 3D technique
The Company elevated media quality and created value-added for out-of-home media using the 3D technique on digital screens to enhance the audience's realistic experience. The Company recently premiered "The Battle of Fire" of King Dragon and King Kong on 4 connected large digital screens at Parc Paragon on 19 May 2021. The Campaign received massive responses from target customers and was mentioned on social media with over 60,600 retweets.

  1. Launch of Hitman Reborn! a mobile game with over 200,000 downloads, generating more than THB 3.5 million.

    Katekyo Hitman Reborn! was officially released on 28 June 2021 and made it to the 2nd rank on the top chart from both iOS and Android operating platforms thanks to the total number of downloads of over 200,000 times, delivering revenue of over THB 3.5 million within only 3 days. The mobile game was promoted through PLANB's combined OOH media and online media designed to enhance awareness and build on the strength of the engagement marketing business. This resulted in a cost per install of around THB 10 per install, the lowest cost compared to average rates of approximately THB 40-60 per install.

  2. On-track advertising media expansion in 7-Eleven convenience stores

    At the end of 2Q 2021, the Company succeeded in placing LED screens in 1,150 locations of 7-Eleven as planned, while the Company intended to expand to cover over 2,000 stores across Thailand by 2021.

  3. Continuous content development to enhance the visibility of advertising media in 7-Eleven stores.

    PLANB aims to offer better visibility for media screens in 7-Eleven stores, leveraging more appealing content to encourage consumers to view the media. For example, government lottery results on the 1st and 16th of each month are displayed from 16:00-01:00 hours and rerun on the 2nd and the 17th of each month, while horoscope content for each zodiac is shown from the 3rd -15th and 18th – 30th every month.

  4. Caring sharing of PLANB's media space through "ฝากร้านผ่านจอ" Campaign

    To help promote SMEs operating in food & beverage and bakery businesses affected by the closure and dining-in ban in maximum control zones (Bangkok, Nakhon Pathom, Nonthaburi, Narathiwat, Pathum Thani, Pattani, Yala, Songkhla, Samut Prakarn and Samut Sakhon) given the COVID-19 outbreak. PLANB helped run PR for those businesses on its 250 digital screens across Thailand from 12 July – 12 August 2021 free of charge. Interested businesses can post their promotions on the Facebook page of PLANB from today until 11 July 2021 (7 days in total)

  5. Non-stop development to deliver the best experience for both brands and consumers

    PLANB debuted its innovative digital screens with 3D techniques to attract consumers and improve its 49 digital screens nationwide with enhanced display resolution, reduced reflection, lower emission of greenhouse gases and fixed dark spots in the lighting of static lightbox signs. Furthermore, the Company accelerated the change of advertising media to be within 3 hours each time with a maximum of 4 times a day.

  1. Organizing activities to support Thai athletes during the 2021 Olympics

    "Flag of Nation" relay run already began with a schedule of 61 days and a distance of 4,606 kilometres. Additionally, "Flag of Nation Virtual Run" was also commenced to complete the unprecedented mission of 1 million kilometres in historical routes. To view live broadcast programs of the Olympic Games and send support to athletes, please tune in to the following main channels; T-Sports, Thai PBS, NBT, PPTV, JKN18, True4U 24, GMMTV 25 and AIS Play, from 23 July – 8 August 2021.

  1. Making a joint investment with RS Group to build an e-commerce business

    A joint venture of PLANB and RS Group will help enhance the competitiveness in the e-commerce business of the new Company. RS Group will take the lead on product development, marketing and distribution to consumers across Thailand. At the same time, PLANB will deploy its out-of-home media as key enablers in raising awareness and communicating new products to broader target groups.

  2. Establishing 2 joint ventures as holding companies to progress in sports business focusing on boxing

    Plan B Eleven Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Plan B Media Public Company Limited, set up 2 new companies in July 2021 to further strengthen its sports marketing business which are:

    • Global Sport Ventures Co., Ltd. (subsidiary) to invest in other businesses (as a holding company) related to boxing with an experienced team with expertise in the boxing business and related marketing activities.
    • Mainstand Creator (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (associated Company) to operate an online sports media and content publication related to sports, athletes, exercises and relevant sports content leveraging on collaboration and specialization in sport promotion activities from Mainstand Co., Ltd.

    The two companies have a definite advantage to fortify PLANB's sports business to attain solid growth in the future.

  3. The company promoted the Olympics through the 4O platform.

    The company promoted the Olympics through 4O platforms via (1) Over the air which lived broadcasts through more than 6 television channels, and also AIS PLAY (2) Online channels such as the Stadium, and Main stand (3) OOH communication & fast ads for instance record rating of athletes, and lived broadcasts in real time through the company's Out-of-home media with 534 screens, and (4) On-ground & virtual event which was the Olympic opening and closing ceremony to entertain audiences.

  4. Collaboration with partners to give back to the society during COVID-19 crisis
    • PLANB, together with partners and volunteers, offered help for Thai people by donating over 30,000 sets of rice and snacks to be distributed to different communities across Bangkok to send moral support and help all Thai people get through this crisis together.
    • PLANB joined World Gas in "Ran Yim Dai…Rao Gor Yim Duay X Phak Ran Parn Jor". This campaign helped promote small businesses through digital screens and provided cooking gas for those businesses affected by the COVID-19 crisis free of charge, complimentary from World Gas
  1. On-track media expansion in 7-Eleven convenience stores

    At the end of 3Q 2021, the Company succeeded in placing LED screens in 1,500 locations of 7-Eleven as planned, while the Company intended to expand to cover over 2,000 branches across Thailand by the end of 2021

  2. New experience with "Muay Thai Fight, Thai Heritage"

    PLANB organized a grand event to showcase Thai boxing in a new light through a tournament aiming to revive the Muay Thai industry that the COVID-19 pandemic has hardly hit. Over 600 boxers and 660 trainers from 77 provinces across the country gracefully return to the Muay Thai arena to join the event. The tournament can be viewed through AIS Play and T Sports 7 every Thursday – Sunday from 20.30 hours onward starting 30 September to 21 November 2021.

  3. Creating New Experience Through 4O Platform Strategy

    Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Since the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the Company deployed its 4O platform strategy to offer a new experience to the audience, which are (1) On-ground – promoting new experience via various activities, e.g. Road to Tokyo 2020 and Flag of Nation, (2) Online – organizing online activities to bring to the audience sport content through Stadium and Mainstand such as the content on local and foreign athletes, including the past Olympics, (3)On-air – providing free TV channels for live broadcast such as NBT, Thai PBS, PPTV, True4U, JKN18, GMMTV25, T Sports including AIS Play so that Thai audience can have inclusive access to watching sports, and (4) OOH – communicating through Out-of-home media to allow the audience to have good experience using Fast Ads technique to differentiate content for different periods. Furthermore, the Company is ready to continue its full force to consistently offer Thai people world-class sports to enjoy from the 2020 Paralympics, Beijing 2022 Olympics and 2022 Asian Games Hangzhou.


Winning awards in 2021 for its success

  1. Plan B Media Company Limited was selected from the Stock Exchange of Thailand to be 1 of 146 companies listed in the stock exchange to be considered sustainable business performance or "sustainable stock" for 2021. This reflects PLANB's commitment to sustainably undertaking its business under a good corporate governance policy covering various dimensions, including economy, society and environment.
  2. Plan B Media Company Limited was granted "Best Investors Relation Awards" from SET Awards 2021 organized by the Stock Exchange of Thailand and Money and Banking Magazine.
  3. Plan B Media Public Company Limited became a member of Thailand's Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) from 2019 to 2021 and adhered to principles in doing business according to good governance, ethics and code of conduct to be responsible for communities, society, environment and all stakeholders across the supply chain.
YEAR 2020

The Company stays on its course in developing content to extend coverage. It is active in searching for business partners who will help expand its out-of-home media network and build on existing capabilities for the future. The objective is to address the diverse needs of consumers at present to support future demand in media. The Company’s key milestones in 2020 are outlined below.


The company collaborate with MACO for management of all domestic advertising media of MACO to develop and enhance out-of-home media business potential, including large-sized billboards, street furniture and digital display network of over 2,000 locations.

  1. The launch of Paragon Motion Block 2 at the connecting areas of Siam Paragon and Siam Center, previously offered at the fountain area between Siam BTS Station and Siam Paragon.
  2. An addition to media footprint at Rooftop @Parc Paragon to further extend the coverage of digital media to strategic landmarks in Bangkok.
  3. The premiere of an online game “Samkok MOE”. The Company realized the potential of online game industry and ventured into online gaming business to receive good market feedbacks. The game is available for download for Android from Google Play and will be launched for iOS system in April.

Expanded digital media footprint through launching Twintube+, a vertical digital screen on Sathorn Road which is a key strategic location in Bangkok to attract passersby in the neighborhood.

  1. The advertising media management for 7-eleven convenient stores while media installations were completed in 300 stores since June 2020. The Company set a target to achieve 1,000 stores across Thailand by the end of the third quarter of 2020.
  2. Extended digital media network by introducing The Prime 9 with a large-sized signature screen on Ekkamai-Ramindra Road to access target customers.

Made an investment in Good Things Happen Co., Ltd. who engages in strategic marketing partner business. This move will enhance the Company’s capabilities in entertainment media in the future. Through this new business, the Company premiered Thailand’s inaugural multi-platform live concert under collaboration with Plan B, GMM Grammy, A-Time Media and Good Things Happen.

  1. Smart Bus Shelter project to enhance the quality of living of Bangkokians. Traffic and Transport Department of Bangkok joined forces with Plan B Media Public Company Limited in modernizing existing bus shelters to resolve a major problem of uninformed passengers about bus arrivals. The new smart bus shelters will be equipped with a security system through CCTV, mobile charging stations and free Wi-Fi that will accommodate people waiting at the stops. The Company has a plan to improve a total of 691 bus shelters
  2. Official Agency to administrate the benefits of Football Association of Thailand (FAT). Plan B Media Public Company Limited was the winning bidder to become the official agent to manage rights of the Football Association of Thailand (FAT) under the Patronage of His Majesty the King. This granted exclusive rights for Plan B only in acquiring sponsorships for national football tournaments, professional football competitions and other related activities for a total of 8 years from 2021-2028. This is to promote and support national football for Thailand. FAT signed an agreement to grant management rights to the Company on August 28th, 2020.
  1. “Magnetic” innovation for the media industry, the effectiveness of advertising media or return on investment of media must always be quantifiable in numbers. Ratings measure traditional media like TV media and new media on online platforms are measured by KPIs. Data collection, data processing and indicators are different across media. For out-of-home media in the past, there was no standard or clear guideline to determine the number of viewers or media exposure. Only estimates of the number of cars on the streets and various assumptions from each service providers were used to come up with closest guesses. The Company collaborated with “Telco” to develop a new innovative platform “Magnetic” to measure the effectiveness of out-of-home media in various marketing campaigns and use the technology and data which are large sample sizes from Telecom company. This platform allows the Company to analyze high frequency to collect daily information of target customers in each location using mobile signals. Luckily, mobile technology provides access to more in-depth data and better insights about target customers who are around the locations that advertising media are present. Users of Magnetic will be able to receive an audience profile that includes basic information such as gender, age, interests, reach (number of viewers), eyeballs (number of views), frequency, and dwell time (time spent at a specific location of a viewer). Plan B has a long-term plan to develop the Magnetic platform further to improve the information of documents about source and instruction for customers to understand the character of media, Submit the measurement data of media package monthly which is data can be used for media planning and report results after using the media (about statistics during the advertising was on-air), Enabling media buying through Programmatic DOOH to expand the customer base to aboard, and reduce price barriers for retail customers. And leverage information to improve the media package better. Through investments on this new platform, it is most likely that brand owners will have more trust in out-of-home media, and this will help brand owners in optimizing their advertising budget allocation. Marketers will be able to reach their target customers better and analyze consumer behavior to develop more effective communication plans and media plans for their investments thanks to Magnetic’s systematic measurability.
  2. Investment in Via Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd. The Company invested in Via Group (Thailand) Limited, the developer of VIA BUS application that can track public buses real-time with the purpose to support business expansion as well as the development of Smart Bus Shelter project.
  3. 7-Eleven Project. The Company has installed LED screens at 7-Eleven convenient stores to provide point-of-sale advertising services. As of 30 Sep 2020, the Company completed LED screens installation of over 850 locations and planned to extend to over 1,000 locations across Thailand by 2020
  1. Achieving media expansion in 7-Eleven as the target The Company installed LED screens in 1,000 locations of 7-Eleven convenient stores as planned at f the end of Nov 2020 and targeted further expansion to reach over 1,500 branches across Thailand within 1Q 2021.
  2. Launching of the Official LINE @Planbmedia: Adding a Communication Channel for Customers The Company values all groups of customers and introduced its LINE Official Account to extend communication channels for customers to broaden the customer base to make inquiries and closely follow news and updates from the Company. This move will promote better access to information, especially related to out-of-home media. Moreover, the Company also develops sports content and shares exciting information to support learning about football and other sports. Integrated marketing communication is considered an alternative way to expand engagement marketing business.
  3. Promoting a Good Cause through PLANB's media network on blood drive for the Thai Red Cross Society The Thai Red Cross Society invited the Company to participate in a program to recruit and support blood donors endorsed by Princess Sirindhorn Debaratanasuda Kitivadhanadulsobhak for two years from 15 Oct 2020. The number of blood donors increased significantly after the Company began its PR campaigns to urge Thai people to donate blood at the National Blood Center, Thai Red Cross Society, leveraging its out-of-home media.
  1. Diversifying sports marketing portfolio by investing in Raceup Work The Company teamed up with Raceup Work Co., Ltd., a sport and marathon event organizer specializing in sport tourism, to host running events certified by IAAF standards along beautiful routes in different provinces. The Company takes advantage of its out-of-home media networking in promoting each province's activities and tourism and secures sponsorship to add value and expand its sports marketing business.
  2. Enhancing Billboard's Effectiveness on new LED lighting The Company continuously improves lighting of its billboards and recently changed LED lights for Unipole billboards across Bangkok of over 150 billboards. Higher effectiveness is achieved as brightness, and proper lighting enhances the billboards' clarity and aesthetic appearance.
  3. Elevating Quality of Living for Bangkok Residents on Smart Bus Shelter project The Company has modernized existing bus shelters to become "Smart Bus Shelter" to accommodate bus passengers. According to the end of 4Q 2020, the Company delivered 115 finished smart bus shelters to the Traffic and Transport Department at the timeline. Additional 90 smart bus shelters are to be completed within 1Q 2021 and another 145 smart bus shelters by the end of 2Q 2021.
  4. The Company maintained in SET100 constituent for the period of Jan – Jun 2021 Plan B Media Public Company Limited was selected as a listed company to be a part of SET100 for the period of Jan – Jun 2021 given the Company's ranking within the top 100 for its large market capitalization and high liquidity.
  5. The Company was granted SET Awards under Business Excellence for 2020. Acclaimed by its capabilities in running a business, Plan B Media Company Limited received three awards from the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) including Outstanding Company Performance Award for the category of listed companies with a market capitalization of THB 10,000 – 30,000 million in 2020, Outstanding CEO Awards 2020, and Outstanding Young Rising Star CEO Awards from 2019-2020.
YEAR 2019

Plan B launched Bangkok Jam service through 50 digital displays on major streets across Bangkok equipped with traffic condition reporting system, intelligence traffic signs, accident report system and CCTVs to report traffic at those locations real-time. This is considered another solution to traffic issues in Bangkok that can help enhance quality of life of people in Bangkok.


Plan B introduced Paragon Motion Block digital media at Parc Paragon which is the fountain square connecting Siam BTS Station and Siam Paragon shopping mall in order to further extend its digital media coverage to key landmarks in Bangkok.

Plan B invested in BL Falcon Pte. Ltd. to expand its digital media network in Singapore which is the 5th foreign market that the Company has presence in.


Plan B and VGI Public Company Limited (“VGI”) joined forces to develop business together not only for out-of-home media but also new products and services in order to offer integrated marketing solutions by combining O2O Solution from VGI with engagement marketing content from Plan B.


Plan B made an investment in Splash Media Public Company Limited to extend its out-of-home media coverage to static media through 79 large-sized billboards (35 in Bangkok and 44 in upcountry)


Plan B took a next step in expanding its music marketing business through the debut of CGM 48, a sister girl group of BNK48. CGM48 will be based in northern region to carry on major activities to create local fan club base that allows better access and tighter relationship. This is considered an extension of BNK48 to promote variety and commercial capabilities.


Plan B signed a contract to become an official agent to manage marketing rights of Tokyo 2020 Olympics consisting of

  1. Live broadcasting rights
  2. Sponsorship rights
  3. Content management rights.

The objective of this initiative is to create viewing opportunities and promote participation of the biggest sporting events of mankind for Thai people so that everyone can enjoy the experience of viewing the events and sending moral support to Thai national team to achieve Olympic gold medals together.


The Company inaugurated “Lido Connect” media service that combined digital media and static media together to renovate Lido Multiplex located in the heart of Siam Square to be colorful and spectacular. The new look will attract tourists and passersby in the surrounding areas.


The Company signed an advertising media management contract with CP All Public Company Limited to extend its retail media services to 7-Eleven stores. A nationwide coverage target of 2,000 locations was set be attained within 2021.


Expansion of digital media through the launch of Bangkok Jam Phase 2 of 40 digital displays with traffic reporting system in key strategic locations in Bangkok.

YEAR 2018

Invested in W.P.S. Media Co., Ltd. to expand its airport media through 150 Air Traveler Supreme digital displays with charging stations for mobile devices across Suvarnnabhumi Airport.


Launched Twin Tube, new digital media with distinct and innovative double screen design on Rama IV road.


Expanded its street future media through 150 static billboards in Pattaya.


Diversified business portfolio through engagement marketing with its investment in BNK48 Office Co., Ltd. that acquires music content to enhance engagement between consumers and product and service brands.


Premiered The PanOramix@CentralWorld project by installing the world’s biggest Interactive DOOH display worth over THB 400 million.

  • Commenced E-League Pro, the first official professional e-sport tournament in Thailand under collaboration with the Football Association of Thailand.
  • Introduced Geofence package that brings out a perfect combination between online and out-of-home media that promotes effectiveness of the advertising media.

Introduced over 256 digital displays throughout the new Iconsiam shopping mall

  • Invested in Atmos Sports Lab Co., Ltd. and Atmos Apparel Co., Ltd., importers and distributors of clothing and shoes from leading global brands to further grow its engagement marketing business.
  • Invested in Sign Work Media Co., Ltd. to extend its out-of-home media network in Suvarnnabhumi Airport.
  • Invested in Digital Factory Co., Ltd. to expand its online media business.
YEAR 2017

Founded Plan B Online Company Limited to offer more variety to our advertising media via online media.

Commenced on a new business development as an official agent in managing rights of Football Association of Thailand (FAT) and Thai League Company Limited.

Launched Don Mueang Digital Network with 102 digital displays, 20 touch screen displays and 168 mobile-charging stations


BKK 20 Digital Network as an addition to our current digital out-of-home media offering.


Set up Panyathip Plan B Media Laos Company Limited to expand out-of-home media business in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and implement the successful business model for out-of-home media in Thailand to Laos.

Started offering classic and dynamic media services on 1,100 vending machines across Thailand.


Invested in JKJ Media Services Inc., an out-of-home media service provider in the Philippines.


Established SRBP Media Company Limited to expand our coverage of digital out-of-home media in Bangkok targeting customers with budget constraints.

Expanded Plan B TV Nationwide network of digital media with additional 90 locations across 52 provinces


Increased its investment in Malaysia’s Sanctuary Billboard Sdn Bhd from 30% to 40% of ownership.

YEAR 2016

Launched a static media service in Udon Thani province starting with 50 billboards.


Acquired Tuna Advertising Co., Ltd. To expand airport media in all 28 airports operated by Department of Airports.


Appointed as an official business agency to manage rights of Football Association of Thailand (FAT) and Thai League Co., Ltd.


Founded Plan B (Malaysia) SDN. BHD. to develop advertising media business in Malaysia focusing on transit media, static media and digital media.


Commenced on a digital media service with a large-sized digital screen in front of Show DC Complex on Rama 9 Road.

Launched for bus users to search and estimate arrival time of air-conditioned buses.


Acquired Bright Sky Media Co., Ltd. to grow and diversify its airport media business.

Introduced a digital advertising media network service, Plan B TV Nation Wide with 60 screens in 44 provinces to attain a national coverage of digital media.

Launched Bus EL, a new non-static media service on buses that promotes visibility of advertising media on buses during the night.


Began offering Central in-store network digital media with 10 screens inside Central World and Central Rama 9 department store.

YEAR 2015

Entered to register in Stock Exchange of Thailand on 17 February 2015 under the symbol “PLANB”, and extended Out of Home Media in critical areas in Bangkok and provinces where are significant for Thai economy.


Partnered with Hello Bangkok LED Co., Ltd to join forces in extending Out-of-Home Media network.


Acquired Triple Play Co., Ltd. to tap into advertising media business inside Suvarnabhumi Airport.


Acquired Maxview Media Group Co., Ltd. to enhance its capability in extending new Out-of-Home Media service to attain a national coverage.

Invested in 2000 Publishing and Media Co., Ltd. to diversify its advertising media portfolio into print ads and electronic media to tap into high-value customer segment.


Commenced on its expansion in ASEAN region beyond Thailand via an investment in Sanctuary Billboards Co., Ltd., Malaysia.


Acquired The One Plus Co., Ltd. to expand its advertising media capacity inside airports for all 6 airports owned by Airports of Thailand (AOT)

YEAR 2014

Extended Out of Home Media network in strategic point area of Bangkok and along big provinces in Thailand such as Digital @ MRT, Digital Billboard @ Central, Chiang Mai City Network, and Plan B TV, etc.

YEAR 2013

has been one of the advertising media business leaders with variety of media form.

  • Extended Static Outdoor Media such as Metro Poster, Pole Wrap and Unipole, etc.
  • Extended Digital Out of Home Media (DOOH) such as Digital Billboard @ Asoke-Petchburi, Digital Billboard @ Digital Gateway, Digital LED @ MRT, and Digital Billboard @ Italthai, etc.
  • Extended advertising media on Mass Transit System in form of Platform Screen Door (“PSD”).
  • PT Elang Mahkota Teknologi TBK (“Emtek Group”) entered to be the strategic shareholder of the Company.
  • Expanded the business by purchasing all shares of 1) Verisign Company Limited which has been the holder of lease contract for land at expressway skirt area before exit of Rama IV in order to install publicizing billboard, 2) Ads Cuisine Company Limited which has been the holder of publicizing billboard concession right from Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, and 3) Master Standard Display Company Limited which has been the holder of lease contract for publicizing billboard on Ekkamai Raminthra Expressway.
  • Expanded the business by purchasing all shares of 1) Verisign Company Limited which has been the holder of lease contract for land at expressway skirt area before exit of Rama IV in order to install publicizing billboard, 2) Ads Cuisine Company Limited which has been the holder of publicizing billboard concession right from Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, and 3) Master Standard Display Company Limited which has been the holder of lease contract for publicizing billboard on Ekkamai Raminthra Expressway. 100.0 Baht/share to be 1.0 Baht/share.
YEAR 2012

Stepped into being one of the leaders of Digital Out of Home Media service providers and continuously and simultaneously extended Static Out of Home Media network.

  • Extended Digital Out of Home (DOOH) Advertising Media service in strategic point area of Bangkok such as The 90 Degree, Digital Billboard @ CBD, Digital Billboard @ Central World and Central Festival at Pattaya, etc.
  • Extended service areas of Serie Poster Out of Home advertising media to support the expansion of residential community and economic zone with high purchasing power in the future.
  • Commenced complete advertising media service at In- Store / In-Mall area.
YEAR 2011

extended advertising media business network rapidly by adding service provision of diversified advertising media formats as follows:

  • Expanded outdoor advertising media business at roadside and expressway.
  • Expanded advertising media business on Mass Transit System, in MRT System as service provision in LCD format through Passenger Information Display (“PIDs”) system.
  • Started the project of Intelligent Traffic Condition Reporting Board (“Gateway Billboard”)
  • Started providing new format of advertising media service outside residence which is Digital Out of Home Media (DOOH) such as Digital Billboard @ Parc Paragon and Digital Billboard @ Interchange, etc.
  • Increased registered capital previously from 10.0 million Baht to be 225.0 million Baht by offering for issuance of 2.15 million ordinary shares for capital increase at par value of 100.0 Baht/share to support growth.
YEAR 2010

entered into outdoor advertising media business in type of Static Street Furniture, starting from advertising media at Fonebooths for over 400 points in downtown areas.

YEAR 2009

invented and proposed 2D and 3D Mock-up media format and LCD, in order to enhance advertising media service provision in 3D and 2D Mock-Up at roof area of air-con bus. In addition, 650 LCD were installed inside the bus (LCD on Bus) to provide advertising area service in multimedia format.

YEAR 2007

expanded its Transit Media to private air-con bus and become the leader of air-con bus type advertising media for over 2,000 buses.

YEAR 2005

commenced the business with advertising media on Mass Transit in type of BMTA air-con bus for 1,200 buses by providing service of advertising area rental in form of Full Wrap, the advertising format covering the area around the bus; and Half Wrap, the advertising format covering the centre area of air-con bus.