Being the leading out-of-home media service provider with the most diversified portfolio of media types and nationwide coverage spanning cross Bangkok and upcountry, Plan B Media Public Company Limited offers a wide variety of advertising media platforms through innovation and technology as well as providing media maintenance services that meet international standards, addressing the needs of brand owners in reaching target customers effectively.

The Company has been inactive in pursuit of extensive content development to serve the needs of brand and product owners in all dimensions and appealing marketing planning consultation and creating interesting content. The Company’s out-of-home media business can be classified into 5 key categories as follow

Apart from expanding and developing the out-of-home media channels, the Company is committed to diversifying media portfolio through engagement marketing business by deploying 2 types of quality content, namely sports marketing and artist management. These 2 types of content have different target groups and help engage consumers and product and service brands in different ways. Not only the engagement marketing business will generate revenue for the Company, but this new business also enables other types of out-of-home media to enjoy higher utilization rates. This builds on existing out-of-home media business and allows the Company to be able to reach customers through a broader range of channels. Sports Marketing.

Transit Media

can be categorized into 2 types as follow

1. Advertising media outside and inside air-conditioned buses

With its expertise of over 16 years in business, the Company has become a leader in providing media services outside and inside fixed-route buses, which are considered the first media type the Company pioneered since its establishment, which brought reputation and awareness to the Company. At present, the Company provides advertising media services on over 2,500 buses from concessions granted by the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) and management rights from other private bus companies under joint service contracts. As a result, the Company has the most extensive coverage of more than 109 routes across Bangkok. There are 2 main types of advertising media inside the fixed-route buses.

  1. Advertising media outside buses: This type of media is similar to moving billboards that are popular in raising brand awareness and recognition as the media directly approaches consumers. This media format can meet different objectives of customers according to their different PR purposes available in forms of full wrap and half wrap that effectively promote brand awareness and innovative 2D or 3D mock-ups that emphasize media creativity. In 2017, the Company introduced innovation with LED lighting technology that allows special tactics to advertise media that enhance brand value and awareness and better attract consumers.
  2. Advertising media inside buses: his type of media is positioned close to bus passengers throughout their trips as various media formats are placed both inside and outside the buses such as behind passenger seats, around door areas, on the spaces near the ceiling over passenger seats as well as LCD screens that meet all lines of sight of passengers.

2. Advertising Media in MRT System

Plan B continuously develops advertising media offered in the MRT system to support growth in the number of passengers as Plan B realized the positive growth outlook from the route expansion plan of the MRT. In 2021, another 10 stations were opened for service further to connect inner Bangkok to outer Bangkok, including the vicinities. In addition, the Company has been offering a variety of media comprising digital displays for passengers both inside and outside the trains (Passenger Information Display: PIDs), signs on the glass walls between platforms and tracks (Platform Screen Door: PSD), digital media inside the stations (Digital @MRT).

Classic Media

Plan B offers classic media diverse in formats, sizes and locations. These classic media with appealing formats and content were installed around important landmarks of Bangkok and areas with high traffic volume or high population density, such as on pavements, on major roads, on expressways, outside major buildings in central business districts and communities. Not only that these classic media are noticeable and can be seen multiple times, but their unique presentation formats also differentiate them from those from other providers so that the media can catch attention, create awareness and promote accessibility effectively. Moreover, the Company also expanded its classic media in other major provinces outside Bangkok to support the rising population and tourists through its 2,707 billboards nationwide and network billboards of street furniture focusing on key provinces that are economical and tourism centres. This is to promote better reach to strategic locations in Thailand.

Recently, Plan B teamed up with Bangkok's Traffic and Transport Department to modernize over 700 bus shelters with classic media of over 1,170 billboards to resolve a major problem of uninformed passengers about bus arrivals. The new smart bus shelters will be equipped with a security system through CCTV, mobile charging stations and free Wi-Fi to accommodate people waiting at the stops. In addition, at each smart bus shelter, advertising media are installed in the spots appealing to bus riders waiting at the shelters, which will help promote brand awareness effectively and inclusively

Digital Media

Digital media recorded the highest growth among all media given its unique displays using modern technology to present a variety of exquisite formats different from other media. Furthermore, the media are equipped with selective display control systems that enable flexibility, speed and safety. This can quickly address changes in marketing campaigns in a timely manner and satisfy brand owners in building brand awareness and recognition.

Moreover, selecting locations to install media is done properly to be diverse and inclusive of landmarks such as central business districts (CBD), leading department stores and economic zones, or areas with high population density in 58 provinces across Thailand. This created a media network footprint of 15,399 digital displays nationwide. The Company provides innovative digital media and realizes the benefits of these media for the public interest. These digital media, such as Intelligence Traffic Sign, were deployed to uplift the quality of urban living and mitigate traffic issues for Bangkok residents, leveraging Accident Report System and CCTV cameras to enhance the effectiveness of traffic reporting.

Furthermore, the Company elevated media quality and created value-added for out-of-home media using the 3D technique on digital screens to enhance the audience’s realistic experience. The Company recently premiered “The Battle of Fire” of King Dragon and King Kong on 4 connected large digital screens at Parc Paragon on 19 May 2021. The campaign received massive responses from target customers and was mentioned on social media with over 60,000 retweets. Lastly, the Company also improved over 50 digital screens nationwide with enhanced display resolution, reduced reflection, lower emission of greenhouse gases and fixed dark spots in the lighting of static lightbox signs

Retail Media
Advertising Media in Malls (Luxury Media)

Retail media can reach a large number of target customers with purchasing power. These media help marketers boost sales and emphasize brand recognition as they help influence consumers to make purchase decisions. The Company is committed to developing retail media in leading department stores by offering a full range of media services inside and outside buildings using classic or digital media with different displays and presentation technologies that interact effectively with consumers. Currently, retail media are available in various venues, including Mega Bangna Shopping Center, SIAM Center, SIAM Paragon, Emporium, EmQuartier, ICONSIAM and shopping malls operated by Central Group.

Thanks to appealing and various display formats and strategic locations inside and outside department stores covering city centres and suburbs, the Company’s retail media can reach different customer groups, promote brand awareness and address the needs of brand and product owners comprehensively and adequately.

Advertising Media Inside Supermarkets and Convenient Stores (In-Store Media)

In-store media inside supermarkets are one of the essential tools for marketers for enhancing marketing communication between stores and their customers. These media help enhance brand loyalty in the long run and boost sales instantly as they promote buying decisions when consumers see the media inside supermarkets or convenience stores. Furthermore, the Company adopted new technologies in displaying trendy formats of in-store media to enhance the effectiveness of customer communication through better access for consumers to brands and content, including sales promotions in a timely and effective manner.

At present, the Company offers these media services in supermarkets and convenience stores such as Big C Supercenter as well as 7-Eleven across the country with 12,744 screens installed in entrance areas, supermarket hall areas and censor areas at entrance/exit of supermarkets across the country where these media can effectively reach target audiences. In addition, in 2021, the Company managed to expand its media into convenient stores of over 1,929 7-Eleven branches in Bangkok and upcountry by placing digital screens over the beverage freezers on top of frozen food shelves and top of snack shelves, which are easily noticeable to target audiences.

Airport Media

The Company continues to expand its media business to support target customers for all modes of their transportation, including airport media, as cheaper airfares encourage consumers to choose air travel overland travel such as public buses. The company has made its airport media services available in 23 airports nationwide with 752 billboards covering all potential and eye-catching areas of the airports, including entrance and exit areas, media on trolleys, and baggage to reach all groups of airport users.

Online Media

Online media undoubtedly have strong growth potential as they play increasing roles in people’s lives thanks to smartphone prevalence as it is the primary communication device for everyday lives. For example, people can go online and log in to their online banking via smartphones and send information or documents via email through this channel. Therefore, online media are considered an alternative media format that allows instant adjustments in content to carter to an extensive consumer base of all ages, genders and locations. This is why more and more people are choosing online media thanks to their functionalities that satisfy brand owners, including measurability and integration with consumers' lives.

Changing consumer behaviour led to increasing internet roles in our day-to-day lives and changes in consumer perception of media. To meet consumer demand for online media, the Company enhanced its strength in services for public buses through collaboration with Via Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to develop an application “ViaBus” to navigate and track locations of public buses accurately in real-time to solve problems and help over 4 million bus riders in Bangkok plan their travels every day.

Besides, the Company launched a service package, “Geofence”, that combines out-of-home media and online media to serve the needs of modern consumers to communicate effectively in depth and breadth.

Lastly, the Company established a joint venture with Main stand Creator (Thailand) Company Limited to operates a business related to online sports media, including content distribution on sports, athletes and related content around sports and fitness to promote information further, news and content of the Company’s sports business in the future.

Sports Marketing
1. Football

The Company takes pride in the trust from the Football Association of Thailand Under the Patronage of His Majesty the King (FAT) to be an official agent to manage rights of FAT and Thai League Company Limited. Thanks to its longstanding experience in managing a diversified portfolio of advertising media as well as the customer base that is covered by different products and services, the Company managed to increase revenue and build on the business of being an exclusive and sole agent to manage rights of FAT to find sponsors for national team tournament and professional leagues and other football activities for 8 years from 2021-2028 to promote the development of football in Thailand using sports marketing that is aligned with brands. Brand recognition and awareness are to be enhanced, especially to serve new and broader groups of customers. Note that there are 4 types of FAT rights that the Company is managing.

  1. Rights to seek sponsorship to support football matches and or activities organized by FAT and Thai League Co., Ltd.
  2. Rights to distribute content owned by FAT and Thai League Co., Ltd. to seek revenue through publications, radio media, TV media, electronic media, wireless media and other telecommunication media domestically and internationally.
  3. Rights to source revenue from live broadcasting and rerun tape of all football matches.
  4. Rights to manufacture and distribute merchandise of FAT and Thai League Co., Ltd.

Not only that the Company manages the commercial rights of the Football Association of Thailand (FAT) and Thai League Co., Ltd., but it also creates a social network through multiple channels to promote Thai football so that Thais can support Thai football to step up and compete at international level. People can closely follow news updates and activities via Plan B’s online channels and promotional booths in events and exhibitions before tournaments and competitions. Additionally, quality content is consistently promoted through Plan B’s out-of-home media, reaching over 80% of the population in Bangkok.

In 2020, Plan B Media Public Company Limited was the winning bidder to become the official agent to manage rights of the Football Association of Thailand (FAT) under the Patronage of His Majesty the King. This granted exclusive rights for Plan B only in acquiring sponsorships for national football tournaments, professional football competitions and other related activities for a total of 8 years from 2021to 2028. This is to promote and support national football for Thailand.

2. Boxing

In 2021, the Company founded Global Sports Ventures Company Limited (subsidiary) as a holding company to invest in other companies related to boxing. The subsidiary has a team with expertise and experience in the boxing business and related marketing activities to focus on Muay Thai and boxing. The objective is to elevate Thai uniqueness to be known worldwide as boxing is considered a popular sport and Thailand’s soft power. The Company believes that the boxing business will help enhance its capabilities to drive towards the growth of sports marketing in the future.

Note that in 2021, the Company hosted one of the grandest events in the modern boxing industry in Thailand. It was a competition to revive the Thai boxing industry affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 600 boxers and 660 trainers participated from 77 provinces nationwide to bring back the glory to the Muay Thai industry. In addition, the Company has a plan for Global Sports Ventures Company Limited to acquire shares of Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium Company Limited, which operates Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium, to set directions and manage the stadium, which is the 1st standard boxing stadium in Thailand and one of the oldest boxing stadiums in the world. The the objective is to make Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium the global hub of Muay Thai by teaming up with promoters and Thai boxers to bring Muay Thai to the international level and become true soft power for Thailand.

3. International broadcast (marketing rights management for broadcasting international sports events)

The Company signed an agreement to manage marketing rights of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics including rights to live broadcast, rights to manage sponsors and rights to manage content. Note that the Company has a goal to take part in offering opportunities to view the most remarkable sports event of humankind inclusively for Thai people. This will deliver happiness to all Thai fans to be able to send moral support to Thai athletes to win gold medals together. Besides, the Company was also granted the same rights to manage the Winter Olympics and the Asian Games, which will happen in 2022.

4. Esports and Online Gaming

The Company develops esports and online gaming to extend its engagement marketing business to address customer needs and cater to broader customer groups. In 2021, the Company organized one of the most significant esports events in Asia, namely, E-League 2022 and eFootball PES 2021 game - the only event in Thailand that gathered skilled pro-players from different T1 Thai League football clubs and leading sports teams in Thailand and foreign countries including Japan, Vietnam and Indonesia to compete in a console platform to win a prize. Moreover, the Company also saw the potential of online gaming, which has been gaining popularity recently to engage in game publishing. During the year, the Company launched a mobile gaming service, “Katekyo Hitman Reborn”, through iOS and Android platforms to reach all groups of customers of different age groups and promote the game through the Company’s effective advertising media.

5. Running

Nowadays, running events are becoming widespread in Thailand, with a large number of runners, both Thai and foreign, participating. Thus, the Company invested in Raceup Work Company Limited (“Raceup”), an event organizer specializing in sports activities and marathons in aesthetic routes across Thailand. Raceup is also certified by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). The Company deployed its out-of-home media to promote activities and tourism of each province and support sponsorship to add value and build on sports marketing business.

Artist Management

The Company expanded its music marketing business into artist management, leveraging its quality content to build engagement between product brands and customers. Artist management helps create a higher engagement between target groups and artists such as BNK48 CGM48, and LYRA through activities and various content including concerts, music albums and movies.

Note that the Company’s revenue from artist management is derived mainly from 3 channels per the following

  1. Merchandising & Events
  2. Sponsorship & Endorsement
  3. Contents & Multichannel

The Company regarded artist management as a high potential business that delivers revenue to the Company and increases utilization rate to a higher level from employing out-of-home media the Company owns. In addition, technology, innovation, and quality content help enhance engagement between target groups and artists.