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Human Rights

The Company places high importance on complying with laws and refraining from human rights violation. The Company defined business code of conduct and policy on non-violation of human rights which are a proof that the Board of Directors strictly observe business conduct under applicable laws and human rights which are basic rights representing equity and equality in term of dignity and rights. Human rights are exercised without discrimination against race, religion, gender or physical condition which is evident from the Company’s equitable hiring practices. In addition, the Company encourages all parties to be fully aware of their rights and duties as well as responsible for society and other people. Besides, systematic vendor selection and screening criteria and process are well-defined and accountable according to universal human rights principles.


To become an example organization on human rights both directly from business activities of the Company and indirectly from supporting and encouraging business partners in its business value chain and joint ventures to realize, protect and respect human rights in conducting business.

  • Effective preventive and corrective plan to mitigate potential risks.
  • 0 case of human rights violation.
  • Conform to “Human Rights Policy” and applicable laws and treaties in each country.
  • Maintain management process related to human rights in a continuous basis.

Occupational Health and Safety

The Company values all employees with its firm belief that “employees” are the most important asset of the organization that is pivotal to sustainable development and success of the organization in the future. Therefore, the Company puts efforts in taking care of employee well-being and offers employee welfare which is higher than the level stipulated by laws.

  • 0 case of fatal accident of employees and business partners every year.
  • 0 case of lost time accident (non-fatal accident that require leaves) of employees and business partners every year.
  • 0% work injury and disease rate of employees every year.
  • Raise awareness and change behavior

    Cultivate safety culture through awareness building and work-related behavior influence.

  • Promote leadership in safety

    Encourage executives and managers to lead safety initiatives to closely attend to safety of employees and business partners.

  • Uplift safety standards

    Adopt safety management systems and heighten both local and international safety standards.

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