Plan B Officially Launched "Magnetic" A New Platform to Measure Effectiveness of Out-Of-Home Media

BackSep 22, 2020

Plan B Media Public Company Limited recently developed an innovative platform under the name “Magnetic” to gauge effectiveness of out-oh-home media. This will enable brand owners to conduct media planning more effectively and reach target customers with higher precision. The platform will analyze data using private mobile technology to come up with in-depth information for media planning.

Marketing under the new normal requires brand owners to be more prudent in media planning and to ensure that acquired media are worth the money spent with the ability to measure the results systematically. Therefore, Plan B aims to develop out-of-home media that can be tracked and measured effectively to guarantee that the advertising media are exposed to right target customers. Number of viewers for particular media will be reported through “Magnetic” platform. Media buyers will be informed of number of viewers (Reach), number of times the media are viewed (Eyeballs) as well as basic information of audiences (Audience Profile). This innovative platform places Plan B as the first out-of-home media service provider who sets new standards for out-of-home media in term of measurability comparable to online media.

Miss Phakwan Wongpolthawee, Chief Business Development Officer at Plan B Media Public Company Limited mentioned “For media industry, effectiveness of advertising media or return on investment of media must always be quantifiable in numbers. Traditional media like TV media are measured by ratings and new media on online platforms are measured by KPIs. Data collection, data processing and indicators are different across media. For out-of-home media in the past, there was no standard or clear guideline to determine number of viewers or media exposure. Only estimates of number of cars on the streets and various assumptions from each service providers were used to come up with closest guesses.

It is widely known that measuring return on investment for advertising budget is critical to effective media planning but it is never an easy task. Luckily, mobile technology provides access to more in-depth data and better insights about target customers who are around the locations that advertising media are present. This allows us to analyze consumer behavior and allocate money effectively to the right media as brand owners can quantify ratios related to return on investment such as advertising spend eyeball or viewer”

Plan B has a long-term plan to further develop Magnetic platform in 3 phases: Phase 1 – Quantifying results in numbers, Phase 2 – Planning media buying with Salesforce and Phase 3 – Enabling media buying through Programmatic DOOH. Through investments on this new platform, it is most likely that brand owners will have more trust on out-of-home media and this will help brand owners in optimizing their advertising budget allocation.