Plan B Revolutionizes E-Sports Business to Become "E-League Thailand" More Fun Expected from Series of Game Tournaments and Diversified Content

BackAug 13, 2020

Plan B Media Public Company Limited organized a press conference to promote its new business direction for e-sports under the name “E-League Thailand” which is a refurbishment of Toyota E-League to support the potential growth in e-sports business in the future. The new format combines the fun with diverse kinds of entertainment and activities to make it more appealing for the community of e-sports lovers comprising people of all ages, genders and generations.

Realizing the opportunities and growth potential in rising Thai e-sports market, E-League Thailand capitalizes change in consumer behaviour especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when people show more interest in playing the online game while they were staying at home for the lockdown. More game companies focus on developing games on mobile platforms which promotes easy access and prevalence compared to consoles and PCs. Moreover, government and sports associations put the effort in sponsoring e-sports and organizing game tournaments in Thailand. This helps change the attitude of Thai society toward game-loving kids from being just an addiction to an alternative career choice that people can earn their living.

E-League Thailand positioned itself as a community for game enthusiasts to exchange ideas, techniques and information including lifestyles of gamers. E-League Thailand brings out its strength in delivering joy to offer a series of new tournaments and fresh content presentation through various channels.

At the same time, E-League Thailand acts as a professional organizer with its qualified and experienced team who was successful in promoting eFootball PES tournaments. In the near future, more game tournaments are expected to be launched to address the needs of consumers. E-League Thailand sponsors can take advantage of executing marketing campaigns that are aligned with the tournaments as well as creating content to boost sales and build their image in the eyes of target consumers.

Upcoming tournaments happening from end of September to December 2020 include the annual GSB E-CUP Thailand Open Tournament to win His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn's Cup and Her Majesty Queen Suthida’s Cup and roadshow activities in different provinces across Thailand. Regarding new game tournaments, KartRider Rush+ Monthly Tournament is scheduled to be commenced soon with the application period starting end of August 2020 and the final competition to finish around January 2021. This racing game is ranked number one most popular game in South Korea for 5 consecutive years. Later on, Game Caster Contest will be hosted to find a rising star in caster game fans and the winner of this contest will be a part of a new YouTube channel program. Application for this contest is expected to be around end of 2020.

For anyone interested in news and updates on new tournaments and fun game content, please follow E-League Thailand in multiple channels including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Line Official Account as well as Tiktok to be coming soon.