The World's top Asset Management firms had invested for a 2.9% stake in Plan B

BackOct 18, 2019

The Templeton Asset Management LTD., Blackrock Inc. and other worlds top asset management firm were invested in Plan B with more than total of THB 100 stakes or THB 600 million, a 2.9% stake in Plan B. Confident in the long-term growth potential and its business plan 

Investor relations department of Plan B media PLC. Told that the Templeton Asset Management LTD., and Blackrock Inc are the two of the world’s top asset management firm had invested in Plan B in term of Trade report - Big Lot by Outdoor investment Co., td (under K.Palin Lojanagosin’s group, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Plan B) and PT Elang Mahkota Teknologi TBK’s group (EMTEK) which is a strategic shareholder that operated in Indonesia .The investment in term of Trade report - Big Lot is more than 100 million stocks, a 2.9% stake in Plan B with a total value of THB 600 million that will increase the base of potential foreign investors who confident and believe in the Company’s long-term strategic, can also  increase its free float which has been  30% before the transaction.

For Templeton and Blackrock investment the world’s top asset management firm that have more than over USD 5.4 trillion of total assets it signifies that they believe in the Company which has been growing continuously and have potential in the long-term growth.

 In additional, the investment through Bog Lot by EMTEK will not effect to the Company’s operational and They still support the Company to be an Out-of-Home media service provider with a network coverage in Thailand and Asean in the future.