Plan B together with partners donated "smile bag project" 30,000 survival bags to communities during COVID-19 situation to get through these difficult times

BackJun 19, 2020

During the COVID-19 crisis that directly and indirectly affected to all of the level of business unit both the household and business markets. Even though we’re dealing with a COVID-19 pandemic, but difficult time often bring out the best in many people We can see people are helping each other. This smile bag project is relief assistance with partners to help those in need as a result of COVID-19 crisis and part of Plan B employee volunteer presented 30,000 smile bags to communities in Bangkok to cheer up, share and support to get through these difficult situation together.

As a part of smile bags project, the Company has supported the employment of homeless and unemployed who affected by the COVID-19 crisis through the Mirror foundation to help and support together. This smile bags contained rice, canned fish, noodles, drinking water, coffee, soymilk, hand sanitary gel. With Plan B employees’s volunteer to packed, all of the smile bags to deliver to communities.

This project would not happen without support from our sponsor and all partners , We would like to thank you to Lotus Bedding, Thaiunion group PCL., BNK48, SHARK Energy, Babi Mild, Wacharin PP Printing, Balanced Eatery, Lactasoy, Khun Punpun Sutatta Udomsilp, @MEDIA INSIGHT, Masita, 411ent, pba estate, Kinbai, Jipjipofficial, NOLA Superfoods, Khun Top Dhana + Aikky Saran, Khun lhin and family, Khun Earth, Rain and family, Khun Pitta na Pattalung, 811 happy house, @Suthipa Panyamahasup @Jerdnapang Thamchuanviriya, Khun Pakorn Pornchevangkul, The Mirror foundation, TaejaiDotcom, Mam Poh Dum FB page, Plan B’s employee and all volunteers which are the important part in this project

During COVID-19 crisis, the Company launched project “Thailand Together As One“ as a social responsibility leveraging on the Company’s media network to disseminate news and relevant updates on the situation as well as related content that helps prevent the spread of the pandemic including positive message from over 70 artists, actors, celebrities, athletes and businessmen through Plan B network with more than 700 digital screens  to send moral support to Thai people to get through the crisis together