Plan B announced the financial performance of Q2/18, Increasing of 18.6% growth of revenue and increasing of 26.2% growth of net profit Due to Engagement marketing from BNK48, Sport marketing and Media segments' healthy growths. Confident of reaching THB 3,500 million of revenue target in 2018

BackAug 09, 2019

Pinijsorn Luechaikajohnpan ,Ph.D., Managing Director of Plan B Media Public Company Limited, reported trends and development in 2018. The growth will drive not only variety enhancement and coverage extension of Out-of-Home media but also the expansion of engagement marketing business in order to enhance communication effectiveness between customers and product and service brands not only promote brands awareness in the past but also promote brand royalty from the quality contents both music and sport.

The Company currently operates in 2 types of quality content, namely sport marketing to manage commercial rights of Football Association of Thailand (FAT) and Thai league company. And music marketing  from investment in 35% in BNK48 office. Those quality contents enable Plan B to capture customer budget from brands and also helps Plan B to increase the opportunity to generate revenue from new channels such as products and services under BNK48 and Thai national team, bundle sponsorship package with Plan B’s media portfolio as a brand Ambassador.

The impressive performance for 2Q18 contributed to outstanding half-year performance 0f 2018, with a revenue of THB 877.4 million, a 18.6% growth from the same period of the previous year, and net profit of THB 152.6 million, a 26.2% growth from the same period of the previous year. Significantly higher growth rate compared to overall Out-of-Home media industry, the growth was derives from utilization rate thanks to growth of Thai economic especially in static and digital media which registered robust growth of 21.5% and 25.5% while transit media, retail media and airport media grew at 4.9%, 19.9%, 10.4% respectively from the similar period of the previous year.

In addition to the growth of Thai economy as well as the increase of utilization rate. The revenue growth was mainly driven by the expansion of media capacity. Key developments are summarized below.

The Company has a strong believe that with its most diversified media network in 1H of 2018 will enable Plan B to reach THB 3,500 million of revenue target in 2018. In near future, the Company still continuous expansion  its new content that can capture all customer’s interest as a key growth through another platform in the future such as TV, Online, Application, Game online, cartoon to gain share from advertising media industry of total value of more than THB 100,000 million in near future from THB 13,000-15,000 million in recently.