PLANB invested in MACO with the value of 1,553 million baht, representing 19.96%, for the right to manage all of the out-of-home advertising media in Thailand

BackOct 30, 2019

Plan B Media Public Company Limited invested 1,553 million baht to purchase 19.96% of Master Ad Public Company Limited ("MACO"), which is one of the leader comprehensive billboards and street furniture advertising media in Thailand, for the right to manage all of the advertising media of MACO with more than 2,000 assets, representing a media capacity of over 1,000 million baht in advertising media and begin to generate revenue immediately in the first quarter of 2020.

Mr. Palin Lojanagosin, Chief Executive Officer of Plan B Media Public Company Limited revealed that the board of director approved to propose to the shareholders’ meeting the entry into the transaction with Master Ad Public Company Limited, in the proportion of 19.96% with the value totalling 1,553 million baht by using internal cash flow. The subscription means newly-issued ordinary shares from Private Placement of MACO (PP).

Mr. Palin also said we are very pleased to invested in MACO, PLANB recognizes the potential of MACO as an important strategic partnership, which together can help expand the network of Out of Home media throughout the country to become more comprehensive. This partnership will help marketers to reach the target audiences in Bangkok, major cities, major highways, secondary cities and nationwide, sharing the same sales and marketing team. PLANB will have the right to manage, market, and sell all of the Out of Home advertising media of the MACO, including large billboard, street furniture and digital screen with more than 2,000 assets. In addition, PLANB guarantees a minimum revenue of 700 million baht per annum to MACO and receive 15% revenue sharing. Hence, when combined with the existing media network of PLANB, the media capacity increase by more than 1,000 million baht in 2020, totalling of 7,000 million baht.

This investment also enhances both PLANB and MACO to develop the potential of the Out of Home media business, both in the after sales and maintenance services, with the potential team from both companies pursuit of higher quality and speed of service in nationwide. Moreover, it also helps reduce overlapping operations costs between the cost of goods sold, marketing and production costs. Besides, with the technology and experience of Trans.Ad Group, a subsidiary of MACO, a fully-integrated expert system especially digital multimedia, will help PLANB to gaining competitive advantage in innovative digital advertising media over competitors and able to respond to marketers in a comprehensive and timely manner.