BNK48 Office has officially changed their name to Independent Artists Management or "i AM", focusing on 3 main businesses to develop and manage a full-services of artists, singers and influencers

BackNov 06, 2019

With a distinctive image of BNK48 from the trend of the group BNK48 under Business model AKB48, which is very successful in Thailand both popularity and revenue. Resulting in the image of BNK48 delivered delightful surprises in the forms of memorable for the idol girl group. But actually, the business of BNK48 office has various business growth strategies and expansion plans, besides the managing of BNK48.

Mr. Jirath Pavaravadhana, Chief Executive Officer of Independent Artist Management (iAM) just held a press conference revealing the direction of business expansion, which the name was later changed to "iAM" with the mission to completely and variety of investment and management artists, singers, including influencer. In which 3 main business lines of iAm are;

  1. Idol management business under the AKB48 model, which will continuing to offer an entertainment varieties, such as hit single for Thai music lovers, relationships building activity with fan club, different types of movies from the famous Thai film directors, etc.

    BNK will be one of Thailand's most beloved auteurs, that will growth and create new works with the next generation of BNK48.

    In order to expand the happiness base to various regions around the country and reach the target group in each region, therefore CGM48 was launching with 25 membership, which ready to fill the happiness to the fan club soon.

  2. Idol management business, male artists, through joint venture in Dream Society Management Company Limited (DMS), the shareholding proportion between iAM and Khun Tik, Jesdaporn Pholdee, is 60% and 40% respectively. DMS along with iAM, will use the business model of BNK48's success to revolutionize the male idol industry in Thailand by launching "The BROTHERs" School of Gentlemen. The program will be sheltered by 4 male artists who are recognized by the Thai people as national brothers to develop a new male idol group. They are Tik Jesadaporn Poldee, Mario Maurer, Ananda Everingham, and Nichkhun Vejvejkul will launch The BROTHERs this November.
  3. Talent management business, manage artists, singers, actors, and influencers to engaging the different types of content for reaching the target audience of all ages and genders, Which is in the process of looking for outstanding artists from both domestic and international.

With the experience and expertise of iAM, along with the ability to strengthen overall engagement between the Fanclub and the idol group via social media, which are an important mechanism to boost the popularity of Idol through views, like, share until the production of User generated content. As creating a community-based fanbase ecosystem in the community, leading to the popularity of iAM's idol group at a high level as well as helps build awareness and gain popularity over many years.

Moreover, due to the strength of the Strategic shareholder, Plan B Media Public Company Limited (PLANB), the leading Out of Home media provider with the highest coverage nationwide, will be an important part of encouraging iAM's businesses to reach a wide range of audience and create instant impact nationwide. With the ability of PLANB, a full-service marketing solution provider for brand owners, therefore will be an essential part in encouraging the famous idol of iAM as a Brand Ambassador for Thailand's leading provider of experiential products and services. In addition, together with a strong experience in the Idol management business of AKS Group, Japan, one of Japan's artist group management for over 15 years.

Therefore, today iAM under the management of Mr. Jirath Pavaravadhana and the cooperation of strategic partnership with diverse expertise, is ready and striving to make iAM to be the number 1 talent management in Thailand.