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PLANB teams up with GMM Grammy, Atime Media and Good Things Happen surprise the media industry, create the first Multi-Platform concert in Thailand "Chang Music Connection" Presents "Good Morning Bangkok"

BackJun 18, 2020

This is a 'New Normal' in an advertising industry with the collaboration of 4 partners, PLANB, GMM Grammy, Atime Media, and Good Things Happen to create the first Multi-Platform digital entertainment, welcome the morning of a new semester of 1 July with a show of famous artists, Body Slam, Potato, Palmy and Pek Palitchoke. This would be the first live concerts through PLANB’s nationwide network of digital screens.

Chang Music Connection presents "Good Morning Bangkok" is a live music concert that creates new experience on the route of travel in Bangkok, that will come back to bustle again on the first day of new semester (music live on the way). This will bring the top 4 of the greatest and famous artists in Thailand, Body Slam, Potato, Palmy and Pek Palitchoke, moderating by DJ PK And DJ Tonhorm. The project was created to encouraging everyone throughout the Covid-19 on the day of leaving the house, sending the children back to school or employees who are back in the office through multi-platform channels. This would be the first live concerts through PLANB’s nationwide network of digital screens that comes with audio from the radio Greenwave 106.5 and 94 EFM, including broadcast a live show concert via Facebook pages, GMM Grammy, Atime Showbiz, Plan B Media, Good Things Happen and Chang World, who come to make mornings as the life's experiences and filled with happiness on July 1st, 2020 at 07.30 – 09.00.

Mr. Phawit Chitrakorn, Chief Executive Officer– GMM Music of GMM Grammy Public Company Limited, said about this collaboration that "We would like this activity not only to fills with happiness, but also entertaining a target audience. Moreover, presenting in Multi Platform is the brand choice that uses marketing strategy in music start from the collaboration of famous artists and 4 partners as the beginning of cross content and associated media.

Mr. Somrot Wasuphongsothorn, Managing Director of A-TIME MEDIA Co.,Ltd, producers of greenwave radio programs, 106.5 MHz and 94 EFM, said "Atime Showbiz is the producer of all the concert production with a full of grandeur as an organize a concert stage, moving from the concert hall to PLANB’s nationwide network of digital screens. For Atime radio fans, we also broadcast the live concert through both radio channels, Greenwave and EFM, as the first time of illustrated radio waves"

Mr. Palin Lojanagosin, Chief Executive Officer of Plan B Media Public Company Limited, said "Our digital screen is not only distributed all over Bangkok, but also effective in broadcasting on the various content. Therefore, this project is considered as a new product launch for modern marketers. Hence, they are able to see the potential in our digital display functions that are ready to support for ideas and presentation techniques in a variety of ways. In the next year, Thai people will see the Olympic phenomenon through the big screen across the country."

Mrs. Watcharee Siriwetwiwat Chief Executive Officer of Good Things Happen Co.,Ltd, said "As a content creator, we create the first multiplatform project by collocation that involved the strengths of each partners coming together. The first principles thinking is that what would happen if the digital screen in the road was loud and clear? or the radio waves have a visual all over Bangkok. Moreover, everyone over the country can also participate from Facebook Live, which we see as a new innovation for presentations. This project, besides three partner platforms, sponsoring partners also play an important role in the Good Morning Bangkok project, which is a new type of marketing pilot as Good Things Happen’s path of greatest advantage."

The big brands that sponsor this big project are including, Chang mineral water, Jasmine sweetened condensed milk, Honda motorcycle and Toshiba electrical products, participating in activities "Chang Music Connection presents "Good Morning Bangkok".

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