Nature of Business

As the leader in out-of-home media industry with diversified portfolio of media types and nationwide coverage both Bangkok and upcountry, Plan B Media Public Company Limited has been expanding its business continuously to enhance its competiveness and never ceases to introduce new media formats, innovations and special techniques as well as 24 hours media maintenance that meets international standards.

The Company’s objectives are to serve the needs of product and service providers so that they can conduct their marketing communication through out-of-home media platforms effectively in order to succeed in reaching target customers with maximized effectiveness according to the marketing plans.

The Company’s out of home media business can be divided into 7 key categories as follow

  1. Transit Media
  2. Classic Media
  3. Digital Media
  4. Retail Media
  5. Airport Media
  6. Online Media

Apart from expanding and developing the out-of-home media channels, the Company recently commenced its engagement marketing business through 3 types of quality content which are sports, music and esports. These 3 types of content have different target groups for marketing purposes and will help engage consumers and product and service brands. Not only the engagement marketing business will generate revenue for the Company, but this new business also supports and enables existing out-of-home media which is its core business to enjoy higher utilization rates.

The Company currently operates in 3 types of engagement marketing business per following.

  1. Sports Marketing
  2. Music Marketing
  3. eSport

Transit Media
Classic Media
Digital Media
Retail Media
Airport Media
Online Media
Sports Marketing
Music Marketing