1) When was Plan B founded?
  • Started Out-of-Home media service by launching transit media in air-conditioned buses under a concession contract with Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) to be an advertising media provider on more than 1,200 air-conditioned Euro ll buses.
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The Company consists of 2 corebusinesses as follows:
  1. Out-of-home media business provider with most diversified portfolio of media types and nationwide coverage spanning cross Bangkok and upcountry, Plan B Media Public Company Limited offers a wide variety of advertising media platforms through innovation and technology as well as provides media maintenance services that meet international standards, addressing the needs of brand owners in reaching target customers effectively. The Company’s out-of-home media business can be classified into 6 key categories as follow
    • Transit Media
    • Classic Media
    • Digital Media
    • Retail Media
    • Airport Media
    • Online Media
  2. Engagement marketing business helps to build relationships between consumers and brands, products and services in different target groups. The Company’s Engagement marketing business can be classified into 3 key categories as follow
    • Sport marketing
    • Artist management
    • ESport & Gaming
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The Company’s policy is to pay dividend for not less than 50% of net profit after deduction of tax and legal reserve. In consideration on each time of dividend payment, the Company shall mainly consider dividend payment with concern on the shareholders’ benefit such as preservation of money for furfure investment or for load payback or as working capital inside the Company, etc. However, the dividend payment policy of its Subsidiaries is not less than 50% of net profit after deduction of tax and legal reserve. Nevertheless, the Board of the Subsidiaries and/or shareholders will consider dividend payment by considering the appropriateness of the business condition such as consideration from investment plan in the Subsidiaries’ business expansions, etc.

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  • Plan B's fiscal year runs from 1st January - 31st December. Our earnings release date
  • for 1Q (1st January - 31th March) is within May,
  • for 2Q (1st April - 30th June) is within August,
  • for 3Q (1st July - 30st September) is within November and for 4Q (1st October- 31st December) is within February.

For historical earnings data, please visit our Financial Statements page.

1213/420 Soi LatPhrao 94 (Panchamitra), Plubpla, Wangthonglang Bangkok 10310 Thailand. Tel. 02-530-8053-6 # 131 or 134. Email:irplanb@planbmedia.co.th