Message from the CEO and MD

Mr. Palin Lojanagosin
Chief Executive Officer
Pinijsorn Luechaikajohnpan ,Ph.D.
Managing Director

Dear Shareholders

In fiscal 2019, the out-of-home media industry has experienced a continuous growth of 4.5% despite a slight decline of 0.2% in the overall advertising media market in Thailand. This is due to the out-of-home media’s capability to reach a large number of diverse consumers, effectiveness in creating awareness and good fit with modern lifestyles. These media also adapt to the changing competitive landscape in order to fulfill customer needs and leverage other media to enhance marketing communication. This reflects our need to be agile under rapidly changing environment to address the agenda of our customers by creating highest value for customers while offering cost-effective solutions for their budgets.

Plan B managed to grow incessantly in 2019 at a rate of 21.8% to top Million THB 4,919.5 in revenue and registered net profit of THB 743.2 or equivalent to 16.8%. The success was obtained through a robust expansion in our main business which is out-of-home media with a solid growth higher than the industry. Other efforts accounting for this achievement are the business development of 4 areas which are investments in innovation and systematic data analytics which enabled effective marketing communication, economies of scale through collaboration with business alliances, expansion of engagement marketing business to attract a wider range of target audiences, and execution of value creation strategy for customers.

Teaming up with business partners to reinforce strengths and elevate the industry

During the past year, Plan B has joined hands with VGI Public Company Limited, one of the market leaders in out-of-home advertising media who has become both the Company’s shareholder and a strong business partner. Together we offer a full range of products and services for end-to-end marketing communication solutions and developed package solutions to address the myriad aspects of consumer demands. These endeavors were made possible through a network of advertising media, utilization of engagement marketing content, and online data analytics to revamp marketing campaigns. For instance, Bangkok Takeover project employed Plan B’s and our alliances’ digital media to cover an extensive area across Bangkok, including buildings, roads, mass transit system where visibility is high. Consumers are exposed to the media in every corner of Bangkok which promote awareness for broader group of consumers. Besides, Plan B invested overTHB1,700 million in the acquisition of Splash Media, and BL Falcon in Singapore to select and add more quality media to better serve our customers. The investment also includes the most recent agreement to manage advertising media of Master Ad PLC covering classic media, digital media and street furniture that will further complement our service coverage.

Creating value for customers through integration of innovation and out-of-home media

Apart from investment in technology and innovation to enhance our existing media, Plan B took a step further to conduct a study and research so as to obtain deeper consumer insights and realize Plan B’s aspiration to not only be a media platform, but a crucial value creator for the whole customer journey. Plus, we strive to optimize our communication with the target audiences and present novel solutions to alleviate customers’ pain points. Another example of projects that reflects Plan B’s eagerness to innovate is the long-term partnership with CP All PLC. This collaboration aims to deliver advertising campaigns through digital screens for inaugural 1,500 branches of 7-11 convenience stores, reaching over 4,500 screens in total. Additionally, in-store audio media as well as sales promotion will be deployed to tap into a wide range of consumers. These efforts propose an unprecedented marketing and sales solution to increase point-of-sale turnover for brands. This solution is scheduled to be ready for service from 2021 onwards.

Bringing world-class content to the Thais and enhancing engagement marketing business

Recently, Plan B has expanded into engagement marketing business which enhances the effectiveness of marketing communication beyond raising awareness as this business essentially establishes engagement between consumers and brands; as a result, we can promise highest value for customers who intend to optimally reach their target audiences. In addition to our sports marketing business mainly related to Thailand’s football content, Plan B extended further into esports and online gaming business to acquire a growing young consumer base and invested in music marketing through BNK48, a highly recognized female idol group. Staying eager in exploring emerging business opportunities, Plan B also expanded into artist management business with alternative entertainment content in order to land a higher variety in target audience.

For this year’s latest initiative, Plan B has brought the industry standard to another level through a delivery of world-class content by signing an agreement to be the marketing rights management agency for 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, a sporting event that welcomes over 4,000 million viewers from all over the globe. Plan B is responsible for overseeing the live broadcasting rights, sponsorship management rights as well as content management rights. For a solid start of this initiative, we will structure a year-long marketing campaign to captivate potential consumers’ interests. Furthermore, Plan B would continue the effort to serve as a rights management agency for several other international sporting events.

Prioritizing human capital and developing talents on a path to sustainability

Directors and executives recognize the significance of our employees as drivers of Plan B on the road to realize its great ambition. On that note, we put forth the importance of human resource development and designed an unparalleled, enjoyable working environment for the employees to thrive in. The journey starts with implementing a robust recruitment process to seek and select talents with both the right skills and excellent attitude to grow the organization, striving to equip them with necessary skills to boost self-development and raising up competent leaders. On top of that, Plan B engages employees in an organization-wide strategy formulation, maintains a reliable performance appraisal system and plans well to attain sustainable growth.

The Company rigorously adheres to keeping the standard in conducting our business under the core principles of good corporate governance as evidenced by the fact that Plan B has received “excellent” rating for 3 consecutive years and is also a certified member of Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption. Moreover, the Company has earned Investors’ Choice Award with a full assessment scoreof100 while upholding its place as a constituent of SET 100 index comprising top 100 listed companies with highest market capitalization and consistently high liquidity in whom institutional and retail investors have continuously taken interest. Most recently, Plan B is honored to announce that our Chief Executive Officer received the Outstanding Young Rising Star award from The Stock Exchange of Thailand which is given to the selected new generation leaders with exceptional visions. Given the prestigious award, we are deeply encouraged and inspired to progress and dedicate ourselves in the generation of organizational growth and positive social impacts for the Thai society.

Our successes were made possible only with kind cooperation, trust, and support from all parties. The Board of Committee would like to express its sincere gratitude to shareholders, executives, customers, business partners, employees, and everyone for your continued support. Going forward, Plan B will stay on our course to run the business at its full capacity, respond promptly to the fast-changing world to be prepared in embracing the forth coming opportunities and challenges based on the sustainable development principles. Above all, we are firmly committed to conducting our businesses for the best interests of all stakeholders in a balanced manner, and striving toward being one of the driving forces to propel Thailand into sustainable growth in the future.