Message from the CEO and MD

Mr. Palin Lojanagosin
Chief Executive Officer
Pinijsorn Luechaikajohnpan ,Ph.D.
Managing Director

Dear Shareholders

The year 2018 passed by not so conveniently for Plan B as we had to encounter many challenges as the overall advertising media market was marked with a mild growth of 3.9%. Moreover, online media also posted threats to Plan B since the media have been growing significantly thanks to the ability to target audiences and measure media effectiveness. These factors defied the development of out-of-home media and related businesses of Plan B like never before. Nevertheless, Plan B managed to sustain our exuberant growth at a rate of 34.3% to reach THB 4,043.3 million in revenue and registered net profit of THB 642.8 million or equivalent to 39.3% growth derived from our diversified portfolio of media offering and extensive coverage both in Bangkok and upcountry. The success was made possible through incessant capability development of out-of-home media leveraging on business development of 3 key aspects which are the innovation-led value added creation, the expansion of engagement marketing business to enhance effectiveness of marketing communication and the development of combined packages of out-of-home media and online media. These endeavors will allow Plan B to maintain the leader position in the industry in offering marketing channels with highest effectiveness for marketers in the future.

Diversifying portfolio of advertising media and introducing innovation through continuous investment

Plan B never ceases to expand our out-of-home media capacity and continuously introduce innovative offering to add value to our advertising media. In 2018 alone, Plan B invested as high as THB 826 million to develop our advertising media. Plan B takes pride in the opportunity granted by Central Pattana Public Company Limited to jointly pursue the Panoramix screen@CentralWorld project with an investment of over THB 400 million to present the largest digital display in Asia located in front of CentralWorld shopping complex with the light and sound show “The Color of Bangkok”. This collaboration helps promote Ratchaprasong intersection as a new landmark of Asia for tourists as well as communicate a positive image of Bangkok in general in the eyes of tourists.

Enhancing media effectiveness through engagement marketing business

Plan B has been actively searching for opportunities in growing our engagement marketing business and carefully acquiring premium quality content to reach consumers with diverse interest and preferences and promote tighter engagement between consumers and product and service brands. Apart from our sports marketing business that the Company commenced since 2015, Plan B expanded further to music marketing through BNK48 which is currently one of most popular musical groups in Thailand as well as esports through the introduction of Thai E-League Pro, the first professional esports tournament in Thailand in the past year. Engagement marketing business plays a crucial role in enhancing competitiveness in advertising media business leveraging on media effectiveness improvement to optimally reach target audiences.

Growing online media business alongside out-of-home media business

Plan B places high importance on online media as these media allow marketers to target marketing audiences precisely and measure and track results effectively. Plan B recently extended to online media through the acquisition of Digital Factory Company Limited, an online media operator who offers a full range of services from big data market research, online campaign planning, content creation and production to effective online media buying. This investment enabled Plan B to integrate online media into existing out-of-home media in order to boost media sales and add online solutions to our marketing campaign offering. With this effort, Plan B is able tap into online advertising media market of over THB 12,000 million per year with a rapid growth of more than 20% per year according to 2017 data.

Success would not be possible without kind cooperation and support from all parties. The Board of Committee would like to take this moment to thank shareholders, customers, business partners, employees, alliances and everyone who gave us a continued support. Please rest assured that Plan B is still firmly committed to conducting our business under sustainability development and good corporate governance principles to create a balance in all aspects of development including economy, society and environment. We are agile in adjusting our business directions and strategies to embrace both new opportunities and challenges that the year 2019 may bring for the best interest of all stakeholders. As the CEO and on behalf of all employees, we confirm that Plan B is fully prepared to take on the future to generate benefits to attain everlasting and sustainable growth.